• Large, traditional gray home with a bright red door

Homes in beloved TV and movie neighborhoods you could buy today

The stars may be in Hollywood, but their famous characters hail from all over — and you could be their neighbor. Maybe you’ve always wanted to barbecue with the Dunphys or hang out on Jerry’s couch as Kramer crashed through the front door. Tinseltown may seem lightyears away, but many of our favorite TV and [...]

  • Small white farmhouse-style cottage with a large front porch

Hottest neighborhoods to watch in 2019

These neighborhoods are about to take off. Hey there, Heartland. After years of the hottest neighborhoods in the U.S. showing up along the coasts, the 2019 housing market is heating up in the heart of the country. Looking at the year-over-year change in home values, median days on market, and the change in days on market [...]

  • Happy commuters riding on train

Why My Monster Commute is Worth It

Four hours a day in the car. Two hours one way by train. Is anything worth that commute? While most Americans say no—we rank short commute times or proximity to public transportation second only to crime rate when it comes to determining where to rent or buy a home—these four super-commuters have embraced the long-haul lifestyle. [...]