• Mackenzie Johnson playing wheelchair basketball at Auburn University

Redefining Normal

After a spinal cord injury left 19-year old Mackenzie Johnson a paraplegic, instead of asking why, he and his family asked, “What’s next?” In 2016, 19-year old Mackenzie Johnson fell 35 feet from a cabin balcony. He was transported by UT LIFESTAR to The University of Tennessee Medical Center’s Level I Trauma Center. There, physicians treated him for an [...]

  • Woman researcher with test tubes

How to Find and Fill a Content Gap Effectively

Content gap analysis often gets relegated to the "I'll get to it someday" bin. For one thing, it sounds sort of vague and overwhelming. For another, it seems time consuming. And you're right: It can be time consuming and overwhelming, even for pros. How Do You Eat an Elephant? (Poor Elephant) But it doesn't have to be [...]