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  • Mackenzie Johnson playing wheelchair basketball at Auburn University

Redefining Normal

After a spinal cord injury left 19-year old Mackenzie Johnson a paraplegic, instead of asking why, he and his family asked, “What’s next?” In 2016, 19-year old Mackenzie Johnson fell 35 feet from a cabin balcony. He was transported by UT LIFESTAR to The University of Tennessee Medical Center’s Level I Trauma Center. There, physicians treated him for an [...]

  • Brightly colored illustration of a woman with a butterfly net trying to catch a house

First-Time Home-Buyer Programs You Should Know About

Of the programs tracked by Down Payment Resource, for example, 69% offer down payment assistance. These programs have provided an average of $11,000 in assistance to individual home buyers, according to Down Payment Resource, a nationwide database of roughly 2,500 home ownership programs that helps match buyers and properties. That assistance can vary greatly between disparate [...]

  • Large, traditional gray home with a bright red door

Homes in beloved TV and movie neighborhoods you could buy today

The stars may be in Hollywood, but their famous characters hail from all over — and you could be their neighbor. Maybe you’ve always wanted to barbecue with the Dunphys or hang out on Jerry’s couch as Kramer crashed through the front door. Tinseltown may seem lightyears away, but many of our favorite TV and [...]

  • Small white farmhouse-style cottage with a large front porch

Hottest neighborhoods to watch in 2019

These neighborhoods are about to take off. Hey there, Heartland. After years of the hottest neighborhoods in the U.S. showing up along the coasts, the 2019 housing market is heating up in the heart of the country. Looking at the year-over-year change in home values, median days on market, and the change in days on market [...]

  • Happy commuters riding on train

Why My Monster Commute is Worth It

Four hours a day in the car. Two hours one way by train. Is anything worth that commute? While most Americans say no—we rank short commute times or proximity to public transportation second only to crime rate when it comes to determining where to rent or buy a home—these four super-commuters have embraced the long-haul lifestyle. [...]

  • A cartoon drawing of knees covered in band-aids, with striped knee socks

8 Myths All New Homeowners Fall For

Hey, new homeowners: Ever wondered how short you should cut your grass, or whether that home warranty is really worth it? Read my latest at HouseLogic and find out. 8 Myths All New Homeowners Fall For

  • White fridge with Fisher Price refrigerator magnets

4 Things Smart Homeowners Do in May

This month, my friends at HouseLogic asked me to write about the 4 main ways we can keep our houses in tip-top shape this month (and save time and money later). After moving into a new house in January, #4 is on my must-do list! (Photo: Women's Day) 4 Things Smart Homeowners Always Know to [...]

  • Home office painted orange with green chair

The Right Way to Pick a (Gorgeous!) Color Scheme for Your Home

Ever wondered how designers get a perfect whole-house color palette -- one that works with or without furniture, that doesn't clash with your permanent fixtures (carpet, tile, cabinets and counters) and that enhances the house for resale? HouseLogic -- a wonderful resource for homeowners -- asked me to help them solve this color conundrum. All [...]

  • Woman researcher with test tubes

How to Find and Fill a Content Gap Effectively

Content gap analysis often gets relegated to the "I'll get to it someday" bin. For one thing, it sounds sort of vague and overwhelming. For another, it seems time consuming. And you're right: It can be time consuming and overwhelming, even for pros. How Do You Eat an Elephant? (Poor Elephant) But it doesn't have to be [...]

  • Boy's bedroom with navy walls and bright green bed

Why Navy Blue is One of This Year’s Most Popular Colors

Can a color can be both trendy and classic at the same time? If it's navy, it absolutely can. Find out why this rich, saturated blue is so hot; see some gorgeous photos of navy blue rooms; and get a bonus paint color recommendation. What I loved about writing this article: One of my favorite things [...]